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All About Touch-Screen Car Audio In-Dash CD Players

You can liven up your drives by installing an in-dash car stereo through which you can play your favorite CDs. A touch-screen stereo may also give you the opportunity to play DVDs or stream digital music. A built-in audio system puts entertainment at your fingertips.

What capabilities do in-dash audio systems offer?

Your car CD player can play music, and it may have additional capabilities that increase its entertainment value. Capabilities vary among models, but your car stereo may:

  • Play CDs: You can pop your favorite CDs into the audio system to enjoy on the road.
  • Play DVDs: A dashboard video screen may be visible to passengers in both the front and back seats.
  • Play satellite radio: With a subscription service, your system might be capable of getting music and talk stations through satellite radio.
  • Stream digital media: Some car stereos can play digital files from a plugged-in USB device or stream music from an online service.
  • Make hands-free calls: This capability allows you to dial your contacts without having to pick up your phone.
What features are available for touch-screen car audio systems?

In-dash car audio systems are designed to be both entertaining and convenient, so they often come with an array of handy features. Look for some of the following features for your next car audio unit.

  • USB input: You can plug a USB drive into this port in order to play songs stored on the drive or to display photos or videos.
  • Flip-out screen: Some smaller units feature flip-out touch screens that increase the visibility of the display.
  • Removable faceplate: Taking off the faceplate when you get out of the car can help keep your audio system secure.
  • Remote: With a remote control, even passengers in the backseat can control the music selection.
  • Bluetooth capabilities: If your system can communicate through Bluetooth technology, you may be able to use your smartphone as a remote control.
  • Rear camera: When you are backing up, the video screen may be capable of displaying the feed from a rearview camera.
What is a double DIN unit?

Most car stereos are either single DIN or double DIN. A single-DIN unit measures about 7 inches by 2 inches. A double-DIN unit is twice as big and measures 7 inches by 4 inches. If your car came with a single-DIN stereo, you should replace it with another single-DIN unit. If yours came with a larger stereo, you can replace it with either size.

Double-DIN units may include in-stereo amplifiers that smaller units don't have the space to accommodate. In addition, double-DIN units usually have the space for larger built-in screens. However, single-DIN ones often make up for that difference by including flip-out displays.