Touchup and Spray Paint for Honda Cars and Trucks

Honda makes a variety of cars and trucks. When you notice scratches on your hood or the body, you can use touch up paint to restore your vehicle. You must pick a shade that matches the color used by the manufacturer and know which products you need to give your project that special touch.

How do you add a touch-up coat?

Unlike traditional painting as done by auto detailers, adding touch up coats is a simple process. You just add a small amount of color to hide imperfections, such as scratches or chips. You can usually add the color in one of three ways listed here:

  • Brush: This product, also called a brush-on product, comes in a bottle or can. When you remove the lid, you will see a brush hidden inside. You apply the color to your Honda with the included brush. Some products require that you purchase your own equipment.
  • Spray: This product comes in a can with a spray nozzle. You shake the can for several seconds to ensure the mixture inside thoroughly combines. Depending on how hard you press down on the nozzle, it will come out at a fast or slow rate.
  • Pen: For quick touch-ups, a pen is a good option. Though it looks like a standard pen, it comes with the color that you want inside. You simply draw on your vehicle to fill in any scratches or other damage.
What are some special Honda colors?

Like other auto manufacturers, Honda makes exclusive colors for its models. You will need to find the name of your color and a touch-up product in the same color. Some options are called pearl, which refers to the pearly shine in the finish. Others are called metallic because the final coat has a metallic and glittery touch. White diamond pearl, lunar silver metallic, and forest mist metallic are some available shades.

What comes inside a kit?

When you buy a touch-up paint kit, you get more than just paint. These kits include pads and cloths for cleaning off the surface and buffer pads for roughing up the finish to make the coats adhere well. Some come with multiple colors and sticks for mixing to create a perfect color match.

Do you need to apply a base coat?

You typically do not need to apply any base when using touch-up paint. It depends on how deep the damage is. If a scratch reaches all the way down to the body, using a primer is helpful. The primer fills in the gap between the top and bottom layers. The final application of touch up paint that you add then gives the Honda a smooth final coat.