Track Bike Frames

Track Bike Frames

Professional cyclists or those who simply love to ride track bikes may want to consider putting together their own custom bike. Creating a bike that is just for you has its benefits as you can make the ultimate decision about what components go into your bike. Before you start putting a custom bike together, however, you will need a frame that meets your needs.

What is a track bike?

Track bicycles are bikes that are designed to be raced around an outdoor track. They only have only a single gear ratio and no brakes. Track bikes are also characterized by narrow, thin tires that are highly pressurized to reduce rolling resistance. The track frame itself also has a unique design:

  • Bottom bracket: The bottom bracket is set higher to prevent the pedals from touching banked tracks.
  • Seat tube: This tube is generally steeper than on other bike frames to make the bike more aerodynamic.
  • Head tube: A steeper head tube allows for more responsive steering.
  • Fork rate: Track frames generally have less of an offset to make the frame more aerodynamic.
What materials are bike frames made of?

There are three main types of materials used for frames designed for track bikes:

  • Carbon fiber: These lightweight track frames provide a smooth ride and can handle a variety of shocks. Because this material does not flex, frames made out of carbon fiber can last as long or longer than frames made from other materials.
  • Aluminum: Track frames made from this material are also light and long-lasting. However, they are also stiff, so the feel of the bike may be harder than what carbon fiber frames provide.
  • Steel: While frames made from this material are also long-lasting, they are on the heavier side, so they are generally used by those who do not compete.
What should you consider when looking for bike frames?

Before choosing a bicycle for the track, there are several things you should consider:

  • Experience: If you are new to track bikes, you may want to look at a bike frame that has a flip-flop rear hub.
  • Size: In general, you want to size down from road bikes. If you are not sure of your size, be sure to do some research before you get a fixed gear bike frame.
  • Weight: If you plan to compete with your custom track bike, you may want to go with a bike that has a lighter frame. If you are not competing and just want to learn how to ride a track bike, a heavier bike frame may work for you.
  • Looks: When you take your bike on the track, you want to look cool and fashionable. Bike frames come in all colors, so look around until you find exactly what you want.