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Duffle Bags

The duffel bag originated in the 1500s when Spanish and Portuguese sailors began to fashion bags from the tough canvas used to make sails. Also known as gym or kit bags, duffels are fabric sacks with drawstrings or zippers at the top. For people who travel or regularly go to a gym, duffel bags are essential luggage because of their practicality and versatility.

Is it duffle or duffel bag?

The name for these travel bags comes from the town of Duffel, Belgium. This city was known for a sturdy type of canvas that was a popular choice for making duffles. However, designers, marketers and the general public also use the spelling "duffle" for this kind of bag. In practice, either form is acceptable. Duffles are also sold as gym, tote, holdall, and travel bags

Can you take a duffel bag on a plane?

Duffle bags are allowed on planes. Airlines set weight and size restrictions on all luggage when you travel. You should ask your airline about its policy because the rules vary.

How big can a carry on duffel bag be?

Airline size rules vary for luggage. For example, Delta and United Airlines say that the dimensions of any item cannot exceed a total of 45 inches. Typically, airlines require that luggage measure no more than 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches. The limits include handles. Check with your airline concerning its policy.

What is a hold all bag?

A hold all is a variation of the duffle bag. Hold all luggage is made of fabric or leather. It has a rectangular base. The hold all also has a zipper at the top and two handles to carry it with. Another feature is a detachable shoulder strap to make carrying heavy loads easier.

What is a sports bag made out of?

Designers from Gucci to Harley-Davidson have made the simple duffel, sports, and gym bag into a fashion accessory. Today, a designer tote, sports, or gym bag may be made of canvas, leather, nylon or polyester. Some duffels come with straps and grips. Whether you travel or just take stuff to the gym, you can even buy a designer duffel with wheels.

How do you pack duffle bags?
  • Begin by turning or folding the top of the duffel down. This allows you to easily place items at the bottom.
  • Pack the things you use least at the bottom.
  • Pull or roll the bag up. Add the next layer of items.
  • Continue this process until the bag is full.
  • Gently shake the bag to make sure everything is settled.
  • Zip or tie the duffel so the contents are secure.