Truck GPS Units

Find Your Way With a Commercial Truck GPS Unit

If you drive a commercial truck through unfamiliar territory on a regular basis, a GPS unit can be a great way to keep you from getting lost. eBay hosts several GPS models from various brands. You can use the site to find the product that has the navigational features you need.

What are some main features of GPS units for trucks?

Most GPS units for commercial trucks contain many of the standard features you would expect to find on navigational devices. If you have a specific set of requirements for your GPS, you can use the categories on eBay to select these options. Some common options you will discover are:

  • Car charger- Many GPS units are portable. If you want to take yours with you outside of your vehicle, choosing one with a car charger attachment can help you make sure it is ready.
  • Map updates- Roads and paths can change over time for many reasons. A map updating service for your GPS can help you get the most recent information you need to plan your route.
  • MP3 player- Some models can double as MP3 players. You can use these items to play songs, audiobooks, or podcasts during your long drives in the truck.
How does the map interface work?

Most truck GPS units you will find on eBay use a touch-screen interface. The touch screen includes a special layer on the glass surface that responds to your fingertips. You can interact with the device and input directions using just the screen. Some models also include buttons on the housing. You may wish to use the buttons to power the device on and off or adjust the volume. Some buttons can help you access the various menus and settings included with your GPS. Once you access the appropriate menu, you can select options using the touch screen.

What points can the GPS map display?

Although the primary purpose of a global positioning unit is to provide you with precise directions from one point to another, the maps on your device might support other functions as well. Some additional options that you might discover for the map displays could be:

  • Points of interest- Your map can direct you to interesting areas or things along your route.
  • Traffic- If you will be driving through an area with heavy traffic, your device can update you about the status of the traffic.
  • Route suggestions- Your GPS could display multiple routes that might work for you.