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Turn Signals for Lincoln Mark VIII

The Lincoln Mark VIII is a luxury two-door coupe that was manufactured for Fords Lincoln subdivision from 1992 to 1998. Similar in design and style to the Mercury Cougar and Ford Thunderbird models, the Lincoln Mark VIII appealed to drivers that wanted sporty handling with a luxury feel from their car. Turn signals for Lincoln Mark VIII function as necessary safe operating equipment and alert surrounding drivers as to upcoming maneuvering intentions as well as providing hazard lighting for the vehicle.

How do you find which bulb you need for signals?

There are two ways to accurately find the size of bulb you need for your Lincoln. You can consult the Mark VIII owners manual, or you can remove the bulb you wish to replace and inspect it for sizing information. This will be printed directly on the metal housing of the bulb or on the glass itself.

What are the benefits of using LED bulbs?
  • LED bulbs can create light for tens of thousands of hours. It is likely that the bulb will function properly for the lifetime of the Lincoln, which means you may only need to make this change one time in the life of your vehicle.
  • The car battery and alternator of your Mark VIII will benefit from the energy efficiency of the LED bulb.
  • LEDs create bright white illumination. This translates into turn signals that are easily visible to other drivers.
  • It takes almost no time at all for LEDs to come up to full brightness when they turn on. Lights that turn on immediately to full brightness get the attention of other people on the road quickly.
  • Most LED bulbs are able to work with the existing sockets and electrical systems in your Lincoln. Conversion kits are available so that you can make this change easily.
Are there different benefits to red and amber turn signals?

Both red and amber turn signals can be found or your Lincoln Mark VIII. Amber turn signals are the factory standard because they meet safe operating requirements internationally. Amber turn signals are especially attention-getting because they contrast with the red and white lights used for brake and backup signaling. Red turn signals meet safe operating requirements in some parts of the US and are an aesthetic choice for drivers who prefer the look of only two colors on their tail light assembly. Be sure to check your local safety regulations before making color changes to your factory turn signals to make sure they are in compliance.

What are the benefits of using halogen bulbs?
  • Halogen bulbs are the factory standard for Lincoln Mark VIII turn signals, so you know that replacements will fit and function properly.
  • Halogens are widely available. Finding the bulb you need is simple and straightforward.
  • Halogen bulbs usually give off a yellow-tinted light. If you prefer, several manufacturers make bulbs with coatings that impart brighter white light, so you can get increased brightness while still opting for halogens.