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Umarex Air Pistols

Headquartered in Arkansas, the North American unit of Umarex manufactures air guns for a variety of uses. Owned by the same company that owns Walther Firearms, the Umarex brand markets many air pistols that imitate different types of handguns. Umarex air pistols can be used for recreational and training purposes by civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel.

What is a Umarex air pistol?

Also known as a BB gun, Umarex air pistols utilize compressed air to fire metal projectiles. A CO2 canister is often loaded into the weapon to provide the propellant. The projectiles are typically 0.177-caliber metal pellets. These pellets can be made to travel at speeds exceeding 400 feet per second. These guns are typically used for recreational use, and may be used for target practice or to help beginners become more acclimated to the use of firearms. The same safety precautions should be taken while using air pistols as all other firearms.

What different types of Umarex air pistols are available?
  • NRA Colt Peacemaker: Licensed by the NRA and distributed by Umarex, this pistol looks similar to a .45-caliber Peacemaker. Shooters can load a 6-shot 0.177-caliber BB casing into the replica's cylinder. The single-action mechanism is powered by a CO2 cartridge, which is inserted into the grip. In addition, a motivational inscription is present on the grip.
  • Beretta M92 A1: Crisp with a black finish, the Beretta M92 A1 pistol shoots 0.177-caliber pellets. It has a capacity of 18 BBs. Additionally, this pistol takes special magazines that hold CO2 and BBs together. This CO2 pistol has a full-auto option.
  • Umarex XBG: This pistol has a capacity of 19, 0.177-caliber BBs. The double-action BB pistol is designed to fire the steel projectiles at a velocity of 410 feet per second. The CO2 pistol also features a compact frame.
  • Legends P.08: Based on the classic German P.08 Luger, this Umarex BB gun fires steel 0.177-caliber projectiles. The iconic barrel has a length of 4.6 inches and the gun has an overall length of 8.5 inches. With a 21-shot capacity, this CO2 gun has a double-action trigger.
Does Umarex manufacture revolver-style pistols?

Yes, Umarex manufactures several revolver-style pistols. Models of this style of pistol include the air-powered Umarex Brodax BB revolver, featuring dual-Picatinny rails and the 0.177 steel BB revolver-style pistol featuring textured grips and two, 10-shot rotary magazines. Other features of the 0.177 steel BB include a manual safety and an adjustable rear sight.In addition, the CO2 capsule is housed in the grip.

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