Finding the Right Generic Cell Phone Desktop Holder

Whether you're charging your cell phone and want to make sure you don't miss that important text from your boss or want to prop your device up to watch a video but you don't have a kickstand, consider a desktop holder for your smartphone. These have multiple uses, but they mainly serve to keep your phone vertical instead of horizontal.

What Are Some Types of Phone Holders?

When you think of a phone stand, you probably think of a solid piece of plastic that you set your cell phone on; however, that's only one type of smartphone stand. There are actually a few phone-stand options you can pick from depending on your personal preferences or your available space.

  • A rack is a basic type of stand for your mobile phone, as it simply provides a ledge to sit your phone on, so you can see it while you're doing something else to ensure you don't miss anything. It also helps to keep it upright when it's plugged into a charger.
  • A clip or clamp holder actually has an oversized clip that fits onto the edge of your table or desk. These don't take up much space at all and many have adjustable, flexible necks to allow you to move them around to get the view of your phone that you desire.
  • A dock holder combines the features of a dock with a holder. You can slip your phone into the dock and use the holder as a combination charging dock with a spot for your charger or any other accessories.

What Features Do Phone Stands Offer?

Phone stands do more than just hold your phone, tablet, or other devices, as they can make your life even more convenient via some compelling and appealing features.

  • A foldable stand lets you pack it up and take it on the go in your bag or briefcase, allowing you to use it while you travel or at your work desk away from home.
  • A telescopic design means you can make the arm of the holder longer or shorter based on how near or far away you are from your cell phone.
  • There are even stands that you can hang around your neck to see your cell phone right in front of your face.

What Designs Can You Pick When You're Buying Cell Phone Holders?

After you figure out which type of cell phone holder you'd like and which features are important, such as a gooseneck design, docking station, or a multi-angle adjustable cell phone stand, you can think about the design and color of the model you select.

  • Choose a solid-colored phone holder in a shade you enjoy or that complements your existing decor. Examples might include red, green, pink, black, and white stands.
  • Select a cell phone stand that features designs or patterns like floral prints, polka dots, or stripes.
  • Put your smartphone into a phone holder that pays homage to your favorite characters, as some feature everything from cartoon characters to Harry Potter house symbols.