VHS Video Recorders & Players

Watch Your Favorite Movies With a VHS Video Player

Use a VHS player to view your favorite films or family videos in the comfort of your home. VHS machines that double as recorders also allow you to enjoy your most cherished TV shows whenever you want.

Can you connect a VHS machine to any TV?

A VHS type of video cassette recorder (VCR) is designed to work with any TV with the correct cable connections. Pre-owned VCR units use phono, or RCA connectors, to send video and sound to a television set. This type of cable is commonly recognized by its red, yellow, and white sleeve colors. Each one of these cables connects to the matching socket on the back of a television. The red- and white-colored lines transmit both channels of audio. The yellow line is responsible for carrying the video signal. It is easy to tell if your television is compatible with RCA cables by looking at the colored jacks on the back of the set.

What are the optional features on a VCR?

When shopping for a new or secondhand VHS machine, you should be aware of the different features available. All Sony, Panasonic, or JVC machines will playback video, but their performance depends on the characteristics of the machine. For example, Sony machines with a cable-ready tuner will allow you to record cable shows without a cable box. Other important features include:

  • Hi-Fi audio for optimal sound quality
  • Auto-tracking adjustment for clear viewing
  • Four (or more) heads for better picture quality
  • On-screen programming for easy control
  • Fast action transport for quick switching between play modes
What does S-video mean?

S-video is an alternative type of video cable that transfers a standard-definition picture. This type of cable provides better video quality than an RCA (or composite) type. However, it does not transmit audio signals. Therefore, you will need to connect a separate audio cable to hear sound.

How does a VHS player differ from a VCR?

There isnt much of a distinction between a VHS machine and a VCR. VHS is the name of the cassette format. A VCR plays VHS tapes and is also able to record media on a blank cassette. Deciding if you need a simple playback device or an affordable VCR depends on whether you intend to record TV programs. Both types of machines can be found on eBay from brands such as Sony and Panasonic in new and pre-owned condition for reasonable prices.