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A Basic Guide to Vibraphone and Mallet Percussion Instruments

Tone and volume come into focus when you want to get the most out of your vibraphone and mallet percussion instruments. The bars on a vibraphone are a central place to look as players work to achieve the performance standards of their conductors. Consider how you can also improvise with your own band by using a variety of metals and sizes for effect.

How does a mallet help with tone?

The jazzy vibraphone is already in-tuned, so you only need to resonate its tone with the proper mallet. This instrument uses hard, metal keys or bars that require something soft and flexible for sound to hold its own sustain with. You decide on how that sound will sustain based on the mallets you use. Multiple mallets can be stored away while the ones you’re currently using achieve a desired effect.

How design and structure make a difference

A used or new vibraphone on eBay can alter its core tone based on the following:

  • Concertos: Concert standards allow these instruments to be played with ensembles and not require amplification for people to hear. The mallets you can use have rubber cores covered with wrappings to make more out of volume.
  • Synthetic covers: Safely store each instrument with covers to protect them from dust, as even a little can alter the sound in surprising ways.
  • Adapted bars and resonators: The common playing surface of this instrument uses calibrated bars for specific notes and a collection of resonators that add volume to your sound.
  • Mallet stiffness:The hardness of a mallet is adjusted to change tone. The stiffer a mallet head is, the more restricted and staccato the sound is. The softer a mallet is, the more thick and blended a sound becomes.
How do you select the right vibraphone/mallet combination?

The vibraphone is only as good as the tools you have to strike it with. Following are the details you should consider for the pair you need:

  • Three octaves: Three-octave vibraphones have a wider selection of keys to use and thus offer larger-than-normal and smaller-than-normal playing surfaces. You need adjusted mallets for these reasons.
  • In silver: Polished, silver keys use a matte finish that alters sound along with the mallets you use on them.
  • Major brands: Yamaha, Majestic, Malletech, and Deagan are just a few brands to consider.
  • Intermediate and advanced: The level of skill you have should also dictate which mallets are most suitable for the vibraphone model you need.