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What to Look for in a Vivitar Action Camera

Vivitar is an American electronics company owned by Sakar International. This company produces a variety of different electronic devices such as digital cameras. Find out the features of an action camera to help you choose one.

What is an action camera?

An action camera is a type of camera that is used in extreme sports and other activities. These types of cameras are mounted to helmets, wetsuits, drones, or other equipment in order to provide shots from angles that would otherwise be hard to reach. These cameras are smaller than typical digital cameras, and they usually come with various accessories designed to allow these cameras access to environments that would be inhospitable to most cameras.

What resolutions are these cameras capable of capturing?

Each model by Vivitar can capture a different video resolution. These cameras can also capture still frame photos, and the quality of these photographs is determined by the number of megapixels that the camera can capture. Most cameras made by this company can snap between 5 MP and 12 MP still shots, and these cameras can shoot video in the following resolutions:

  • 720p: 720p is considered to be standard high-resolution. 720p video doesn't take up as much storage space as higher-resolution video.
  • 1080p: For many years, 1080p was the highest resolution available.
  • 1440p: This video resolution takes up the most storage space.
How much audio and video can these devices hold?

The storage capacity of a camera made by this brand is determined by the SD card inserted in the camera. Some SD cards only hold 8 GB of data, but some cards can hold 256 GB or more. SD cards can be interchanged at will to provide extra storage space.

What other features and accessories do these devices have?
  • Wi-Fi: Many action cameras offered by this brand are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature is designed to provide access to the camera even if it is not connected to a USB cable.
  • Waterproofing: These cameras also usually come equipped with some sort of waterproofing device. These devices are usually made from hard clear plastic.
  • Tripods: You can also find tripods for these cameras. These tripods usually have adjustable legs and can provide stability.
  • Carrying cases: Soft and hard carrying cases are offered for these cameras. These cases are often equipped with slots for extra SD cards and cords.
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