Voigtländer Bessa Vintage Folding Cameras

Add to your Collection with a Vintage Voigtlander Bessa Folding Camera

Step back in time when you purchase a Vintage Voigtlander Bessa camera. The name "Bessa" is connected with many different models, the first of which was produced in 1928 in Germany. You can find many of these Bessa cameras on eBay.

What are some features of the Voigtlander Bessa camera?

These cameras were produced from 1928 through 1956. They are the most well-known and best-selling of the German folding cameras. It is estimated that more than 575,000 were made. Innovative in that they were one of the first cameras made with a self-timer, they are a medium format, leaf shutter camera. They utilize 120 film that is still in production making these a vintage antiques that you can still use. A few other features include the following:

  • Pressed metal body covered in leather
  • Leather bellows that connect shutter aparatis and lens
  • 3-speed shutter settings
What are the benefits to owning a Bessa camera?

These cameras were made for amateur photography, meaning they are simple to use. Anyone can easily take quality photographs with the Bessa cameras. They will produce unique images that cannot usually be duplicated with newer digital cameras. These cameras are aesthetically pleasing for those considering adding it to a camera collection or for simple decorating purposes.

How are these cameras useful?

Since these cameras use actual film, they give you a completely different look than a newer camera. If you are a photographer, you can offer clients more variety in their photographs. If you simply enjoy taking pictures for yourself, you can let your creative side explore the different photographic options. If you use your photographs for decoration, you can give any room a vintage flair by adding pictures from your Bessa camera. A Bessa camera gives you many options for picture-taking, creative artwork, and decorating.

What condition are these cameras in?

These cameras are in varying conditions since they are almost a century old. Most of them are in very good condition with few, if any blemishes and scratches. This can be verified in photographs of the cameras. Some come with carrying cases, and others do not. Some have been tested and are in good working condition while others have not been tested and are sold "as is." With product descriptions, you can easily find just the right camera dependent upon your needs. You have a vast array of options when you purchase your Voigtlander Bessa camera on eBay.

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