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Western Car and Truck Snow Plows Parts

Slice through your plow jobs in no time with the help of Western plows. Available in a variety of designs, Western snow plows also include tough and durable materials that are appropriate for lots of applications. Whether you need commercial or personal models, you will find a Western snow plow that works as hard as you do.

What are the main types of snow plows?

Snow plows come in a few key types, including straight, box, and V-plows.

  • V-Plows: As the name suggests, V-plows get their name from their V-shaped blades. This shape gives you several advantages when cleanup time arrives. The phalanx-like profile of these snow plows allows you to cleanly cut through ice, snow, and high snowbanks. Plus, many V-shaped plows have adjustable tips. When reversed, the inverted-V operates as a slush-scoop that precisely positions snow-piles.
  • Box Plows: These extra-wide members of the family see heavy use in commercial applications like mall-parking lot clearing. Their width, height, length, and weight gives operators the ability to quickly move relatively large volumes of icy material.
  • Straight Plows: This class of snow plow has edges that run straight across. Smaller and narrower than box models and straighter that V-blades, these devices work well for smaller applications like side-streets or driveways.
What are some parts common to snow plows?

While each manufacturer designs their snow-removal devices differently, most Western plow models include at least some of these components.

  • Angle Cylinders: These parts control the side-to-side movements of "V" and straight-bladed snow movers.
  • Blade Guides: Mounted on each outer-edge, guides are rubberized posts that help drivers keep track of the edges of their plows and help them avoid damaging nearby objects.
  • Curb Guards: Wrapped around the outer cutting-edges, these pieces protect the edges in case of accidental contact with curbs.
  • Chain Lift: This is a kind of lifting method that employs chains to lift the plow-assembly.
  • Hydraulic lift: This is another common lifting mechanism that performs the same function.
  • Moldboard: This is the supporting surface that the cutting edge attaches to.
  • Snow deflector: Operators install these durable parts to the upper edges of their snow plows. These pieces divert plowed materials to the sides rather than at the windshield.
What are some materials used by Western snow plow makers?

Three common building materials include steel, stainless-steel, and polyurethane. Each is useful in the right circumstances.

  • Steel Plows include corrosion-resistant coatings that increase durability.
  • Stainless-Steel has many of the strengths of regular steel-alloy but naturally resists corrosion and scratches. Plus, slush and sleet slide swiftly from stainless models.
  • Poly-Plows are made from hard yet durable plastics that resist dents, nicks, and other forms of road-abuse as well as corrosion.
Why is selecting an appropriate Western cutting-edge important?

The cutting surface of a snow plow is where the action happens, being the only part of the equipment to contact the road. You make your work easier and more effective when you select the right cutting edge for your needs, the job, and the weather conditions. Some common cutting surface materials include:

  • Urethane: Composed of materials similar to poly-plows, urethane edges bring serious durability to the table.
  • Steel-Alloy: Tough and resilient, these metallic edges scour streets clean of sleet and ice.