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White-Rodgers Thermostats

With White-Rodgers thermostats, you will be able to easily monitor and maintain the temperature you want in your house. The device works by switching on when the house needs to be either warmed or cooled and switching off when the temperatures reach the optimum temperature. Programmable thermostats enable you to set your chilling and heating temperatures to work automatically and to ensure that your house has optimal temperatures.

What does the \"hold on\" button on the thermostat mean?

You can activate the manual process of rescheduling your thermostat by pressing the \"hold on\" button.

The hold setting is a function that works to uphold a set temperature for a specified period. This option is crucial when your schedule has changed from your routine and when you want to change and control the air by making a temperature hold.

How do you change measurements on a White-Rodgers thermostat?

Press the temp up and down keys simultaneously, and the display will automatically change to Celsius. To switch to Fahrenheit, repeat the same process that you went through with Celsius.

What is \"Emer\" on a thermostat from White-Rodgers?

\"Emer,\" which is short form for an emergency, is when your White-Rodgers thermostat detects that outdoor temperatures are freezing too much for the heat pump to offer the heat source. The thermostat automatically switches to a backup heat source. The backup heat systems may be gas, oil, electric, or hot water.

How do you program a White-Rodgers thermostat model?

Follow these instructions to program White-Rodgers thermostats. The steps to program the time are listed below.

  • Press the “Set Time” button for the hour to appear.
  • Scroll using the up or down arrows to reach the hour you want.
  • Press the “Set Time” button to set the hour, and immediately the minutes will appear. You can repeat the same process to set the hours.
  • Press the “Run Program” button to save the time settings.
To program the heating and cooling temperatures on your model, follow these steps:
  • Move the system lever to either \"Heat\" or \"Cool.\"
  • Press the “View Program” button, and scroll to the point to which you would like to set your first chilling or heating period.
  • Press the “Set Time” button to navigate to the amount of time you would like your program to run.
  • When you are finished with all the programs, press the “Run Program” button. Save and exit.