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Wilson Tennis Racquets

Wilson Tennis Racquets

Wilson started manufacturing tennis products more than 100 years ago, and it offers an array of top-of-the-line tennis racquets. Wilsons extended line of tennis gear is manufactured to accommodate a number of skill levels and playing styles.

What size tennis racquet do you need?

The company designs their Wilson racquets using a number of different features, each of which affects the swing of the racquet and how the ball reacts when hit. Wilson offers a variety of product lines, including Blade, Pro Staff, Ultra, and Burn:

  • Head size: The head is measured as the surface area contained by the frame. Smaller head sizes are around 85 square inches, and the biggest head sizes measure around 135 square inches; however, the majority have head sizes between 95 and 110 square inches. A larger size correlates to more power and a larger sweet spot, making larger models great for beginners. A smaller size allows for more ball control, but the player must generate the force.
  • Length: A standard Wilson racquet is 27 inches in length, but they range up to 29 inches, which provides extra power and reach while sacrificing some control.
  • Weight: A heavier racquet reduces the shock when hitting the ball, and it also provides more power and stability. On the other hand, a lighter racquet allows for more control and a faster swing speed.
  • Balance: If the majority of the weight is in the head of the racquet, this allows for more force in each swing, making them ideal for baseline play and for beginners. Models that have lighter heads place more weight in the handle, allowing for better maneuverability at the net, which is ideal for experienced players.
What types of string patterns are available?

String patterns are an important part of how a tennis racquet responds during play, and Wilson offers two different types of string patterns:

  • Open: An open string pattern involves strings that are farther apart from one another, which causes more rebound when hitting the ball. Since the strings have more space between them, the ball is also able to bite into the strings more on impact, which allows a player to generate more spin on the ball.
  • Dense: Dense, or closed, string patterns allow for more ball-placement control. These strings also generally last longer before breaking or needing replacement because they do not bend as much with each hit.
What is Wilsons Countervail technology?

Some of Wilsons Blade and Burn product lines utilize its Countervail technology, which helps to reduce fatigue and improve accuracy and control. This feature causes the frame of the racquet to absorb the energy from the shot, reducing racquet vibration, decreasing physical fatigue during play, and offering athletes more control of their shots when tired.