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Nissan Murano Windshield Wiper Systems

Your Nissan Murano windshield wiper system protects you from the elements that can hinder your vision. Make sure you can always see the road with the right Nissan Murano wiper blades and a fully functional windshield wiper system that is specifically designed for your vehicle. With a proper wiper system, you’re ensured safety and security while driving in the rain or snow.

What parts make up the Nissan Murano wiper system?

The wiper blades are attached to the arm. While the blade has a rubber edge that clears the glass, the wiper blade arms are the parts that move the blade back and forth. The arms are attached to brackets and link to a motor, which actually drives the motion. The motor is attached to the electrical system for power and they are controlled by wires.

If any one of those parts fails to function properly, you will need to change it out for a new one that is compatible with your Nissan Murano SUV. For example, a bent arm can keep the wiper blade from making contact with the glass or a faulty wire can keep the motor from receiving the required power to operate.

How do you change Nissan Murano wiper blades?

Changing Nissan Murano wiper blades is a simple process that takes a matter of minutes. Follow these steps to successfully replace this part:

  1. Lift the wiper arm away from the glass. You will find a release tab on the arm where it connects to the wiper blade. Push the tab to release the blade from the arm.
  2. Slide the blade out of the arm.
  3. Slide the new wiper blade onto the arm until you hear it click into place.
  4. Press the wiper arm back into place until the wiper blade rests on the glass.
What information is needed to buy Nissan Murano blades?

Not all Nissan wiper blades are the same size nor do they connect to the wiper arm in the same way. To make sure you select the correct wiper blades for your Nissan Murano, you will need to know the year your Nissan Murano vehicle was manufactured.

How often should Nissan Murano wiper blades be replaced?

You should replace wiper blades one to two times a year or whenever they are no longer making proper contact with the glass surface. Signs your Nissan Murano may be in need of new wiper blades include the following:

  • Streaking
  • Making a chattering sound
  • Skipping
  • Smearing rather than clearing away grime, ice, or snow