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Windshield Wiper Systems for Nissan Titan

Windshield wipers keep you safe on the road with good visibility during rain and snow. They also keep it free of dirt and debris that can crack the glass. Maintaining your wiper blades and motor lets you keep your wipers working at all times.

How often should you change your Nissan Titan wiper blades?

You need to check your wiper blades regularly. Visually inspect them for cracks and tears and to see if they have come loose from the arm. Turn on your wiper fluid to listen for squealing, and look for streaking or a slow-moving or sticking arm. Change your wiper blades once or twice a year. If you live in an area with winter seasons, you may want to change your blades in the autumn before the snow and ice begins and again in the spring after the snowy season. If you’re in a temperate consistent climate and don’t use your wipers often, changing the blades yearly should suffice.

How do you change your Nissan Titan windshield wiper blades?

It’s relatively quick and easy to change the windshield wiper blades on a Nissan Titan. See your owner’s manual for wiper blade specifications. Knowing the model year and trim level of your truck can help you to find the right aftermarket blades to give you durability and performance. Also, have some needle nose pliers handy.

To remove the old blades, turn the wipers on, and then turn off the ignition when the wipers are in a vertical position. Lift the arm, so the blade is off the glass. Look for a small locking tab near the arm on the underside of the wiper housing. Press it, and pull the blade out.

To insert the new wipers, turn the blade at an angle, and then slide the new blade into the wiper arm channel. You’ll hear a click once it is locked in place. Lower the arms, and test it by using your washer function.

How do you know if windshield wipers need replacing?

Here are the top reasons why your windshield wipers might need to be replaced.

  • Torn wiper blades: If your wipers won’t clear the windshield or if you hear squeaking and dragging, your blades are likely worn or damaged. Replace damaged wiper blades to prevent debris buildup that can scratch or crack the glass.
  • Loose pivot nuts: If you can see the pivot turning but the arms don’t move, the pivot nuts may be loose, stripped, or missing. You may need to tighten or replace them. If the pivot nuts won’t tighten, you may need to replace the arm.
  • Snow- or ice-covered wiper blades and arms: The weight of wet snow can bend the blades and wiper arms. It can also strip the pivots and cause damage to the wiper motor. When ice is stuck to the blades and glass, trying to pry them loose can break the entire wiper blade structure and crack the glass.
  • Burned-out fuse: When the wiper motor gets overloaded, the fuse will burn out. If replacing the fuse doesn’t get your wipers working, you need to check it for damage or obstructions.
  • Motor failure: Since it is an electrical part, it can short out for many reasons. If the blade won’t move or gets stuck, you may need to replace the entire motor-housing.