De mujer Good Housekeeping revistas

Good Housekeeping Women's Interest Magazine Back Issues

Good Housekeeping has been around for 135 years, and in that time, they have released a library of issues. Their magazine has featured things such as recipes, fashion advice, shopping deals, decor tips, beauty advice, and more. Luckily, if you missed something, you can still read previous articles by picking up Good Housekeeping women's interest magazine back issues.

How do you choose the right issue of Good Housekeeping?

Different consumers have different tastes. Some read Good Housekeeping for their beauty tips while others read it for decorating advice. Good Housekeeping has a wide appeal by covering multiple topics in every single issue. If you are searching for a specific magazine that has been published previously, these are a few simple steps you can take:

  • Search by year: Each month of every year, a different magazine comes out. Therefore, searching is made easy if you can remember when a specific magazine you're looking for came out.
  • Search by title: Most editions have a title on the front cover. Some examples are "Thanksgiving Special" or "25 Years of Fashion." If you want something in particular, search the title. Good Housekeeping tries to keep them as unique as possible to avoid confusion. You can also anticipate when a certain title will come out by looking at surrounding holidays and seasons.
  • Search by keyword: Each magazine features different articles. If you're searching for a certain recipe, you'll be able to find what you're looking for by searching for "creme brulee."
What are the different types of back issues?

If you look hard enough, chances are you can find any back issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. Each month, Good Housekeeping magazine tries to gear its cover at whatever holiday or season it is. For example, March 2014 featured "Your Spring Makeover." The magazine was full of ways to get your home ready for the season as well as applicable recipes.

How has Good Housekeeping magazine changed through the years?

Like clockwork, an issue comes out monthly. It's a testament to the publisher, Hearst Corporation, how things have changed in the year. Back issues feature drawn-on models, paper-thin pages, and cartoonish-like figures. They're also much simpler. Updated ones are filled with bright and bold colors, real models, actual photographs of homes, and more. Everyone has different tastes, however, and back issues are important so that consumers can get their hands on what they want.