Botas para mujer

Boot Season

Not Just a Classic Staple

Boots are a style of shoe that provide extra coverage and in some instances, serve as more function than fashion. The boot has evolved over time to include many twists on the classic tall boot. This tall shoe extends past the calf and typically ends under the knee. It can either be more rigid in structure or that of a slouchy style. Many of these tall shoes also have a variety of heel heights to them from a flat heel to stilletto heels. A similar take on this classic, is the over the knee boot, or thigh-high. This style has the shaft of the boot extend past the knee and up toward the thigh. Many times this style of boot made of suede with a little added stretch to it to fit over the wider part of a womens leg.

Give it the Old Boot

The bootie is a short boot that is similar to an oxford-style of shoe, ending just around the ankle. The ankle bootie is a versatile option as you can wear it with anything from dresses to pants to shorts.Many booties can be worn year round. For example, there are open toe booties, great for warmer temperatures. There are cold weather booties that have shearling or fur detailing for winter wear. Many bootie styles also come as full-support wedges.

Practical Options Available as Boots

Other styles include those that are more practical in terms of when they are worn and how they serve their purpose. Winter boots generally are worn in the colder seasons such as fall and winter when its either icy or theres snow on the ground. They help serve as an added layer on your feet as well as provide traction on slippery winter surfaces. These are either lace-up or slip-on styles and come in a variety of colors. Rain boots are usually worn when its raining or muddy out, but come in all colors and styles. Additionally, to make them serve multiple seasons, they can also come with liners to provide an extra layer.

Quality Material Equals a Quality Boot

Many boot styles are made of leather which is extremely durable and wears very well. Leather shoes can be found in a handful of colors, but can truly be died to just about any color. Leather shoes typically are pricier because of the craftsmanship that goes into them. A more affordable but not nearly as durable option is faux leather. Another popular type of material includes suede. Suede is a softer version of leather that has been brushed to make it appear more dull. Suede is just as strong as leather but not as weather friendly.

Solid Boot Construction

Additionally for work boots or active style shoes, there are steel reinforcement sections throughout the shoe for added strength and support, including the toe. In accidents, where something is dropped on your foot, having that added toe protection is key.