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Buying New or Used Yamaha Trombones

Are you interested in learning to play the trombone but not ready to shell out the big bucks for a brand-new instrument? Perhaps you’re an intermediate trombone player ready to move on to a higher-quality new Yamaha trombone. No matter your experience level or price range, eBay has a new or used Yamaha trombone to meet your needs.

Features to consider when buying a trombone

Depending on whether you are a student, an intermediate, or a professional trombone player, there are a few key trombone specifications to consider, including:

  • Bore size: This is the width of the trombone’s tubing, which affects the ease of playing the instrument and the sound quality. Generally, beginners can start with small bore size around 0.5 inches to 0.525 inches whereas intermediate and professional players might want to opt for larger bore sizes.
  • Valves or slide: While most trombones are traditionally made with the classic slide for note changes, some trombones are designed with valves (like those on a trumpet or tuba). Valves can make the playing of technical and advanced pieces easier to manage.
  • Material: While most trombones are made of brass, some are made of durable plastic. The sound quality of plastic trombones is actually not much different than that of brass instruments, so plastic options make great first trombones for beginners.
How do you decide which size Yamaha trombone to buy?

The most standard and widespread type of Yamaha trombone is the tenor trombone, which has a sound range falling between that of alto trombones and bass trombones. Tenor trombones are excellent for beginners and generally fit well in orchestras or in bands of any size. Yamaha bass trombones have wider bells and a larger bore size to produce deeper, richer sounds. If you’re going to play in a big jazz band, you might want to purchase a Yamaha bass trombone. Alto and soprano trombones can reach higher notes and might be used in solos, trombone choirs, or orchestras.

What to look for when buying a used Yamaha trombone

Buying a used Yamaha trombone is a cost-effective way to purchase an instrument on a budget. Consider these options when choosing a used trombone:

  • Accessories: Find out if the used trombone comes with any accessories you need, such as a trombone case or spare parts.
  • Mouthpieces: If you love a used trombone, but it doesn’t come with a mouthpiece, remember that you can always buy a separate Yamaha trombone mouthpiece.
  • Condition: Though your used trombone may not need to be pristine, make sure that the metal is the slide, metal, or plastic are the type you’re looking for.