Youth Roller Skates

Roller skating is a physical activity that encourages kids to move around and get valuable exercise. Owning a pair of comfortable roller skates helps kids stay active. The proper pair of roller skates for your child can be both fun and functional.

What are the types of roller skates?

  • Traditional roller skates: These skates have two wheels in front and two wheels in back. They are sometimes called quad skates. Quad skates have a stopper in the front that serves as a brake. They are designed for indoor skating at a rink or participating in a roller derby.
  • Inline skates: These skates have four wheels arranged in a straight line. The brakes of inline skates are mounted on the back. Inline skates are fast and are designed for outdoor use.

How do adjustable roller skates work?

Several brands, including Roller Derby, Rollerblade, Osprey, and SFR, make adjustable youth skates. These can be expanded to accommodate kids' growing feet.

  • Confirm that your youth skates are an adjustable pair.
  • Look for a button to engage the size-adjusting feature. After pressing the button, slide the footwear into the size position that your child needs.
  • Try the adjusted footwear on your child. Keep in mind that many adjustable skates are designed to fit over shoes. Make any necessary size corrections.

How do you select a pair of children's skates?

When shopping for skates, consider the age of the kids who will be wearing them and how they will be used.

  • Age - Adjustable skates are designed for young children whose feet grow quickly. This age group often requires training-style skates. Roller skates for preteens and up must be purchased in specific sizes, and they are often considered serious sporting equipment with features designed for speed and power.
  • Size - Non-adjustable skates should be no more than one size bigger than your child's current shoe size.
  • Setting - Some pairs are designed for indoor roller skating, and others are made for outdoor use. If your child will be participating in roller derby, look for tough and rugged roller skates that can withstand the intensity of heavy skating.
  • Style - Most children do well to start out with traditional quad skates. Your child may want to move to inline skates after becoming comfortable on quads.
  • Features - Look for various features as you're shopping, such as ankle support, non-marking wheels, and flashing lights.

Are youth roller skates unisex?

Children's roller skating equipment is generally interchangeable between boys and girls. They vary in color scheme or character motifs. Structurally, boys' and girls' footwear are identical, so you can shop in both the boys' and girls' sections to find the pairs that best appeals to your kids.