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iHome Docks & Mini Speakers with Remote Control for iPod Classic

Choosing a Docking Station for Your Device

If you own an iPod, or any other kind of music playing device, there is a fairly good chance that you will have at least a little bit of music on it. Although most music playing devices can play music through their own speakers, they dont always amazing sound quality. If you want to get more out of your music, then you should consider an iPod dock or docking station.

What is an iPod Docking Station?

Basically, a docking station like those from iHome is something that you can plug your iPod into, or dock your iPod to. Docking stations have a wide range of features, depending on their model and complexity, and you can control many of them by remote control. Some of the most common docking station features include:

  • Clock radio functionality - A lot of docks can act as a clock radio or alarm clock. This can be useful if you have somewhat limited space and dont want to have separate clock radios and alarm clocks.
  • Top tier speakers - The major benefit of using an iPod dock is the fact that they have higher quality speakers with a remote. This gives you much better sound quality than iPod speakers along ever could and has the added benefit of charging your device while music is playing.
  • They often have remote controls - If you enjoy listening to music and being able to control your music player using a remote, then you need to choose an iPod docking station which comes complete with a remote control, as many iHome stations do. Remote controls vary from very simple remotes with nothing more than a couple of buttons, to complex remotes that allow you to control almost anything.

What Other Features Should I Look Out For?

Once you have decided to find a docking station, you need to consider the features that you want. Think about things like:

  • The type of alarm clock included - Or indeed, if one is even included. Whether or not you choose a device with an alarm clock or a clock radio is up to you, but it can be a good idea.
  • Whether or not it charges your device - Many docks will charge your iPod while it plays music, so make sure that you consider whether or not it has this functionality.
  • How good the speakers are - If you just want a small dock that plays music in your bedroom, then you dont have to go all out. However, if you want to play some tunes at a party or large gathering, then go for something with bigger, better speakers.

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