iPhone XS Max


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About Apple iPhone XS Max
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from $869 to $975
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from $702 to $813
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Apple iPhone XS Max Cell Phone
Apple iPhone XS Max
Screen Size
6.5 inches
Display Resolution
Operating System
iOS 12, upgradeable to 12.1
Camera (Rear/Front)
12+12 dual/7 MP
6.2 x 3.05 x 0.3 inches
7.34 oz
Internal Memory
64/256/512 GB
4 GB
Hexa-core 2.5 GHz
Battery Capacity
Up to 25 hours 3G talk time (3174 mAh)

Ratings & Reviews

Average Ratings of all

Average Ratings of all4.8
436 average ratings

96% Long battery life

43% Small form factor

99% Good value