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Gaming Without Qualms with Action Replay GBA

Gaming cheat codes or GBA cheat devices have been in use by gamers since it was first made available for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s when it offered its gamers 99 extra lives to defeat a challenging level. Whether you want to live an extra 99 lives, be able to walk through walls to avoid traps, or to make your character invincible, cheat codes are now made readily available, especially through supplemental cartridges such as the Action Replay GBA. Although no longer widely produced, you can still find a multitude of Action Replay GBA cartridges for sale on eBay in both new and used conditions and at various prices.

Which Nintendo handheld console is the Action Replay GBA compatible?

Although GBA Action Replay has produced many versions of its Action Replay cartridges in the past, each Action Replay cartridge can only be used within its own family of console systems. Action Replay cartridges are not backwards compatible, meaning that newer versions cannot be used on older systems. Hence, the Action Replay GBA is only compatible within the GameBoy Advance games:

It cannot be used on the original GameBoy, GameBoy Color, or any of the Nintendo DS console families. GameBoy SP games fall under the GameBoy Advance SP games, so the Action Replay GBA should be compatible with GameBoy SP as well.

How do you use the Action Replay GBA?

There are two ways to use the Action Replay GBA. The CD it comes with provides installation instructions for adding the Action Replay code manager to your computer. The USB cord connects the Action Replay GBA to your computer. From the Action Replay manager, you can manually enter the codes to the game you wish to play if it is not already preloaded into the cartridge. If you are using a game that already has preloaded codes, you can simply insert the game cartridge into the Action Replay GBA. After the game cartridge is secure within the Action Replay, you can directly insert the Action Replay into the game slot of the GBA. Power on both units and follow the on-screen instructions to select the codes you wish to use.

How many codes can be used at a time?

Avoid entering more than 200 characters of codes before starting your game on the Action Replay. Loading more than a total of 200 characters of all the codes you wish to use will cause your gaming console system to become unstable and crash.

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