Cubierta del barco y hardware de cabina

Boat Deck and Cabin Hardware

Boat decks and cabins are outfitted with storage cabinets and chests where essential supplies and equipment are placed. These cabinets need to protect the items from exposure to water, ultraviolet radiation, and salt that are common in the marine environment. Pulls, knobs, and handles for cabinets are designed with heavy-duty use and safety in mind.

What is boat deck and cabin hardware made from?
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a material commonly used for cabinet hardware such as knobs, pulls, and handles. Stainless steel resists corrosion. It can also withstand exposure to ultraviolet light on the boat deck.
  • Polyvinyl chloride: Polyvinyl chloride is often used for drink holders, cup holders, and exterior hardware for storage containers. It can also be used for the pulls and knobs on cabinets and furnishings in a vessels kitchen or bathroom.
  • Silicone: Silicone may be applied to stainless steel to give deck hardware or cabinet hardware more traction when you pull or push on it. This is helpful if you have wet hands and need to grasp the doors or drawers and open them.
How do you choose cabinet hardware for a boat?
  • Material: Choose stainless steel, plastic, or materials covered with silicone for durability, comfort, and safety. You may wish to have one material for the interior cabinets in the cabin and another material for the deck storage cabinets.
  • Size: Choose drawer pulls, knobs, or handles that visually look good based on the size of the cabinet or drawer you will attach them to. Also, consider how the size of the pulls, knobs, or handles feels based on the size of your hands. If you have large hands, bigger hardware will be easier for you to use.
  • Style: If you have a particular style of cabin decor, such as rustic, you may prefer the same style of hardware. Some handles and knobs feature designs with a marine theme, such as anchors or waves. Others may have a military theme such as the insignia of the United States Navy. Other style options include solid colors such as blue, navy, or white to coordinate with the exterior color of your cabinetry.
How do you clean deck hardware on a boat?

The hardware on the deck of a boat may develop stains or a buildup of dirt or salt. To clean the deck hardware, begin by using a biodegradable detergent and a scrub brush on the stubborn spots. If there are calcium deposits or lime deposits on the hardware, you will need a weak acid to dissolve them. White vinegar or lemon juice are two safe options that will not tarnish the marine deck hardware. To protect your deck hardware in the marine environment, consider the application of a polymer wax once all of the dirt and deposits have been removed.