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Get Your Job Done with Electric Chain Hoists

eBay offers a highly useful tool for carrying heavy loads. For an affordable price, you can own this electric chain hoist. This functional tool can help your latest construction project to become a smoother and more convenient experience.

What are the main features of this product?

The electric chain hoist consists of a few very important features that make it a machine useful for carrying heavy loads at a consistent rate. These features include:

  • A hook for carrying loads
  • A chain
  • Electronic control pad
  • An attachment hook

The hook at the bottom of the pulley is meant for carrying heavy loads of work. Different hoists can carry different amounts of weight. Some will carry as little as 500 pounds while others will lift one ton, two tons, or more. The operator can simply drop and take on more loads of weight with the remote controller that comes with the electric chain hoist. They can use the buttons on the remote to control the direction of the crane as well. This can refer to either horizontal or vertical movement. At the top of the electric chain hoist is a small, circular hook that lets the machine attach itself to other vehicle or pieces of equipment that help carry heavy loads of weight from one end to the next.

What settings are they used in?

Electric chain hoists are used mostly in construction settings. When attached to a crane, they help carry loads weighing one ton or more, such as leftover rocks. Hoists can transfer items from one part of the site to the next in order to make room for a certain project or remove rubble from a demolition.

Electric chain hoists can also be used in settings involving the movement of food such as fish. In harbors, they can be used to move nets of fish from a boat to the port of a harbor.

How do you work the hoist?

You can navigate the hoist at different speeds or motions by using the remote controller that is included with the electric chain hoist. They can move it up, down, left, or right. Different weights will determine the speed at which the electric chain hoist can move.