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Go Wireless when Printing with an HP Bluetooth Printer

In many types of computer-based printing, such as in a home or small business environment, the printer is usually connected directly to the computer in order to receive the information it needs to print documents, photos, and other forms of media. However, if you want to have several printers to be able to print using a single printer, such as those that are part of a home group or network, the printer needs to have special abilities. Printers that are Bluetooth-enabled can connect wirelessly to all printers in one network and allow them all to print to one device.

What are the advantages of a wireless printer?

An HP Bluetooth printer that can print wirelessly offers many benefits. These include:

  • Direct communication: No tangled wires to be concerned about
  • Space-saving setup: Ideal for a small workspace
  • Additional connectivity: You have one more USB port available for a purpose other than printing
  • More control: Control printer ink settings in a multiple computer setting, such as by limiting use to draft prints or number of color prints
  • Mobile access: Ability to use a phone, tablet, or other device to allow you to print on the go
  • Energy savings: Fewer printers helps lower utility costs
What printer output and types are wireless supported?

Wireless printer device types include standard printers, all-in-one printers, mobile printers, workgroup printers, and label printers. You can choose color output as well as black ink. Memory capacity choices range from 32MB to 2GB or more. Use your mobile phone to snap a picture and send it to your inkjet Bluetooth printer. Laser printing big jobs is as easy as pushing send to print from your compatible device.

What is the difference between inkjet printers and laser printers?

An inkjet printer sprays or propels a fine stream of ink onto your paper. Inkjet printers normally use two ink cartridges, one containing black ink and the other containing a combination of colors in the ink. Inkjets can propel ink onto many types of paper, including photo paper that is glossy, textured resume, stationery paper, certain cloth or fabrics, and standard paper used for everyday copy purposes. Most home-use printers are inkjet printers. However, they are available for business or office use as well.

A laser printer uses toner cartridges filled with a fine powder in a process that uses a laser to project an image to a cylinder type drum. Using heat and static, the drum transfers the image to paper. This process rapidly produces high-clarity black and white prints. Standard copy paper is the preferred choice with laser printers. While laser printers can be used at home, they are often found in a business environment.