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Everything to Consider About Lexar 8GB USB Flash Drives

The most fitting Lexar flash drive will allow you to back up your files exactly how you want to, so you never have to worry about losing important memories like photographs or your work presentation thats due next week. If you are deciding between Lexar 8GB USB flash drives, consider the following questions.

What special features do these flash drives have?

You are looking for a USB flash drive to back up your files, but you may not know the extent of special features different drives possess. Check out the following list for more explanation:

  • Automatic activation: Instead of having to go through the process of manually registering the USB drive and integrating it with your computer, automatic activation will allow the Lexar device to be automatically activated and ready to go.
  • Encryption: This is a security feature. If you have some important and confidential files to protect, a securely encrypted USB drive is essential.
  • Portability: Is the device light and compact? Most Lexar USB flash drives are portable, but some are smaller than others. Pay attention to the flash drives dimensions.
  • High-performance: Upload and download speeds on the flash drive may be important to you. If you dont want to get stuck waiting for your USB drive to import or export information, pay attention to its level of performance.
  • File shredding: Some USB drives allow you to securely delete files.
What specific types of 8GB USB JumpDrives are available?

Lexar offers a variety of JumpDrives with 8GB storage capacity. The following is a list of the different lines of USB 8GB JumpDrives offered by Lexar.

  • Echo MX: This 8GB USB JumpDrive offers instant feedback about the flash drives storage capacity and boasts high-performance speeds.
  • Echo ZX: This USB drive has an automatic feature and is compatible with notebooks or netbooks.
  • Secure II Plus: A special feature of this line of 8GB USB flash drives is the aforementioned file shredding option. This is an ideal option for extra security and protection.
  • TwistTurn: This 8GB flash drive offers users the convenience of an outer casing that protects the drive but is more flexible in the way it opens and closes.
  • Echo ZE: This USB 8GB flash drive is compatible with netbooks and notebooks and has a highly convenient automatic activation feature.
What is the USB flash drive compatible with?

The type of 8GB flash drive you choose should also be dependent on what devices youll be plugging into. The Echo ZE flash drive, for instance, is compatible with netbooks. Other USB flash drives, like the Lexar Echo MX and ZE, have slight variances but are compatible with most standard computers.

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