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MLB Autographed Index Cards

From the New York Yankees to the World Champion Houston Astros to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals, autographed index cards can be found from your favorite franchises in baseball. Card selections span generations of MLB stars and have something for fans of all ages, in cities from coast to coast. There are autographed photos and straight autographed index cards with no fluff, where you can find Sox and Rangers, base-stealers and home-run hitters.

How can you make sure to choose a legitimate autograph?

One way to find a legitimate MLB autographed index card is to opt for authenticated materials. There will always be a large batch of index cards that are not authenticated. Many non-authenticated cards can still be legitimate choices, and you can use your own knowledge and research to ensure you are choosing the best memorabilia and other MLB items.

How are MLB autographs authenticated?

It is the job of third-party services to confirm the legitimacy of an autographed baseball object they are given. If an autograph is witnessed, that is one way to confirm. The other is to have experts examine the work and compare it to known real signatures. Afterwards, the third party will seal and register the product. An unbroken seal verifies that the authentication remains valid for the index card.

What are some notable baseball teams with autographed cards?

Every franchise in baseball has autographed index cards available for collectors. For example, you can find an array of autographed memorabilia for the Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Dodgers (Brooklyn and Los Angeles), the Tampa Bay Rays, and other MLB franchises. Every fan base has autographs to choose from when building a collection. There are even some selections from MLB historical clubs and franchises such as the California Angels and Washington Senators.

Are there any legendary baseball players autographs available?

You can find autographed index cards for a number of Hall of Fame baseball players. Indians ace Bob Feller, Negro League star Monte Irvin, Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner, and the peerless Don Zimmer are just some of the names who have an autographed index card to be collected. You can search for all of your favorite MLB stars to find autographed index cards for your favorite baseball players. For example, you could find autographed cards from Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, and Honus Wagner. Team cards may also be autographed by team managers, particularly during winning seasons.