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Frequently Asked Questions About Neumann Pro Audio Microphones

Level up your audio recording mic capabilities with professional-quality Neumann microphones. The Neumann Pro audio microphone has professional-grade features that will give you a high-quality sound for all of your voice recording needs. Additionally, the advanced acoustic features of the microphones result in a crisp sound.

What kinds of features come with the mic?

There are several exciting features you will enjoy when you purchase a Neumann microphone from eBay. A few include:

  • Cable connectivity: High-quality cables prevent corrosion and keep sound conduction strong.
  • XLR 3 Pin Connectors: The 3-Pin connection allows for balanced audio and signal applications.
  • 20-200,000 Hz Frequency Response: This high-level frequency allows you to plug into larger amps and still maintain a quality sound.
  • Supercardioid and Cardioid Pickup patterns: With both sound pickup patterns, you get a microphone that is sensitive to the nuances in voice or instrument plus quality feedback rejection.
  • Single-ohm impedance: Thanks to the relatively low microphone impedance, you can run very long cables from the microphone to the amp during studio performances without incurring any kind of sound degradation.
What type of microphone is this?

The Neumann microphone is a professional-grade audio condenser microphone. Because of this, the microphone includes an integrated pop filter and features well in music and performance.

Will this microphone work with instruments during concerts?

The Neumann microphone was designed with stage use in mind. That being said, the condenser microphone can be used with a variety of instruments from vocals and stringed instruments to brass performance pieces on stage during concerts.

What other details make this microphone a professional choice?

In addition to the features stated above, the Neumann microphone also has features like:

  • Wide SPL Capabilities: A high range of sound pressure or acoustic levels for usage in both studio and concert performances.
  • Low handling noise: Handling noise occurs when undesired noise comes from a cable being handled. The design of the condenser microphone makes it hard for this noise to be heard.
  • Feedback rejection: Thanks to the diaphragm condenser, the noise filtering process allows for a high-quality feedback rejection in the microphone.
  • Polar pattern: Tight polar patterns make sound extremely directions, giving the Neumann condenser microphone another degree of quality.
  • Off-axis response: The uncolored axis response gives rise to a smooth and consistent sound during both concert and in-studio performances.