Looking for Electronic Spanish Language Translators and Dictionaries

Speaking and learning another language can be hard. There are often times when you need to be able to translate information quickly or check you have the right word. This can happen when you are a student, a traveler on recreation or business, or spending some time living in another country.  There is a range of electronic devices that can help with translation. They find the words and phrases you need to communicate and learn.

What Designs Are There? 

Portable electronic Spanish-English translators and dictionaries come in a range of different sizes.  Your choice will depend on when and where you are going to use yours. Designs include: 

  • Folding: Models for learning often come in designs like a smaller version of a folding laptop. They include a screen and a standard keyboard for inputting text and reading translations. They may have built-in microphones for speech.
  • Phone/Calculator Sized: Smaller designs are about the same size as a mobile phone or calculator are available with both keyboards and touch screens. With these models, you may be able to input text as well as speak into for translations.
  • Pocket-sized: Small pocket translators can also often fit to a cord to wear around your neck. Ideal for traveling and having it on hand to speak into when you need a word or phrase interpreted. Some small models include scanning devices to convert lines of text.
  • Earpieces: Nifty little earpieces that fit discreetly inside your ear operate by Bluetooth and speech recognition technology. These translate your voice and transmit the interpretation back for you to hear.

What Features Are There?

The features available in different electronic translators and dictionaries are usually for specific purposes. You will find models better suited to business, education, or leisure. Choose a model with features that suit your needs to get the most out of your device.

  • Database: The size of the Spanish-English dictionary and translation databases may vary between. Most come with English and Spanish words and phrases from the main recognized dictionaries. The type and number of phrases included may vary on the type. For example, shopping and dining might be especially common for travel-focused use. 
  • Speech and/or Text: Models may include different options for conversion. These include speech to text, text to speech (TTS), text to text, and speech to speech. 
  • Education: There are models that assist students and business people learning a second language. These language teachers may include additional guidance on correct and contextual use grammar and syntax.
  • Connectivity: Designs may include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. Ports and jacks may be built-in for connectivity with other devices.
  • Power Sources: Most portable electronic translators and dictionaries use rechargeable batteries.
  • Other Features: Other features and inbuilt apps may include calculators, scheduling apps, the ability to record notes, record audio, and play media files.