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Mitsubishi Eclipse Turn Signals

Working turn signals are important for safety on the road. A Mitsubishi Eclipse has four turn signal lights. If your Mitsubishi turn signals are not working properly, you may need to replace one of the signal assemblies or another component.

Why is it important to have working Eclipse turn signals?

A Mitsubishi Eclipse has turn signal lights as a way for you to communicate with other drivers on the road. These lights blink to indicate that you are planning to turn your car or to move it to a new lane. A Mitsubishi Eclipse has both front and rear signals so that, whether another driver is approaching you from behind or coming toward you from the front, he or she will be aware of your intentions. Without a working turn signal at each of the four positions - front right, front left, back right, and back left - you will not be able to alert other cars to your plans to turn or move lanes. This has the potential to cause fender benders or other traffic accidents.

What turn signal parts can be replaced on an Eclipse?

Multiple components work together to comprise the turn signal system in a Mitsubishi. If your system is not functioning properly, you probably do not have to replace all of the parts. Instead, identify which component is causing the problem, and replace that one part.

  • Switch: This is the level inside the Eclipse that the driver operates to turn the signals on and off. Other controls may also be operated by this same switch; for example, it may house buttons for the headlights or the horn.
  • Relay: This component controls the electrical signals that are sent to the Eclipse turn signal lights. The signal is switched on and off repeatedly so that the lights blink. For this reason, a relay can also be called a flasher.
  • Assembly: This is the housing for the turn signal bulb. It consists of the connection that attaches the bulb to the vehicles electrical system. It also includes a protective cover, which may be red, orange, or clear. On an Eclipse, the front turn signal assembly is a separate unit, but the rear assembly is connected to that of the brake lights and taillights.
  • Bulb: The bulb produces the light for the turn signal. A burnt-out bulb may not blink at all, or it may blink faster than normal. In either case, the bulb in your Eclipse should be replaced.
What should be considered when buying a Mitsubishi signal assembly?

Not all assemblies are interchangeable. Before installing a new part, consider the following:

  • Position: Front and rear turn signal assemblies on Mitsubishi Motors cars have different shapes and sizes. The design of an assembly is also specific to the right or left position.
  • Vehicle Model: Different Mitsubishi Eclipse cars require different lights. Make sure to purchase an assembly that is compatible with your model year. Plus, special trims, such as Spyder, GS Sport, or GT, may need a different assembly style.
  • Bulb Style: A Mitsubishi coupe may use LED or halogen bulbs for the turn signal.